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LED COB Spot Recessed Downlight

COB LED Recessed Spot Ceiling Downlight Round 10W

The Recessed Ceiling Spot Downlight usually is made as 10W or 15W, it's small and nice and can perfectly replace the halogen one.

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The Brightness of this 10W COB spot downlight round lumen is 800lm, The size of the downlight spot is ф100xH75 mm, cut-out hole 90 mm, warm and cool white colors are available. It can perfectly replace the halogen one. It is another type of the led cob recessed downlight module.

The Features of the COB LED Recessed Spot Ceiling Downlight Round 10W:

1. Reflector: Optics Reflector Collects the Light and Enhances the Light Transmission Ratio;

2. COB Light Source: COB Light Source Made from from Imported LED Chip and Packed by Silicone;

3. Heat Sink: Full Die-cast Aluminum Body, Good Heat Dissipation and Long Lifespan, Heat Conduction is Higher than Normal;

4. Spring Clips: Stamping 304 Stainless Steel Features, Stronger, Durable, Attractive and High Grade;  

Aluminum LED Spot Downlight 10W

LED Spotlight Downlight STD001 

10W Specification:

01. Model No. STD001;

02. Prodcut Type: 10W Spot Downlight;

03. Size: D160*H125mm;

04. Cutout: D145mm;

05. CREE LED CXA1507;

06. CRI>80;

07. Lamp Lumen: 800lm;

08. Input Voltage: 100-240VAC;

09. Beam Angle: 24°;

10. Warranty 3 Years.

Spot Ceiling LED Downlight Related Products:

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Spot Downlight LED 10W Driver Specifications:

Spot Downlight Philips Driver

1. Item Name: Spot Downlight 10W Philips Driver;

2. Input Voltage: 100-240VAC;

3. THD<15%;

4. Working Efficiency: 85%;

5. Output Voltage: 30-40VDC;

6. Output Current: 250mA;

7. No Flash;

8. CE, RoHS Approval;

LED Spotlights Downlight  Advantages and Applications:

Universal broad and economical solution for all types of premises, for home, office, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, gas stations. Low energy consumption. LED Products consume about 10 times less power than ordinary Downlights. Long life environmentally friendly products.

Our products are designed for long term usage, so they can have up to 50 000 hours life expectancy, unlike Halogen Spotlights, which usually have 3000 hours life expectancy or less.

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