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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Deep Anti Glare LED Downlights Spotlights
Dec 17, 2018

Hi there, this is our new design for deep anti glare spotlight with adjustable or not adjustable. And there are 3 different types will be showed to you.

The first one is adjustable spotlight with finish color 100% white or black. The power can be 6w, 9w, 12w and 20w. Its lens light transmittance will be upto 90%, which will be the first selection if you want high brightness. And its beam angle is 15/24/36°. The material is made up of the outer trim 1060 aluminum, heat sink die-cast aluminum alloy,and the lens  optical lens. Do you like it ?

anti glare led downlights
adjustable led downlights

The second is the low UGR<16 fixed led spotlight with honey comb above, and beam angle available 15/24/36°, 6W or 12W. This is most popular in commercial hotel room, villa, luxury decoration. Matte white or matte black color welcome to know.

led narrow beam spotlight
spotlight led quotation

The third one is mini spotlight for 3w or 6w, with adjustable or not-adjustable. Cutout just 30mm or 50mm. And it's deep anti glare too.Beam angle 10/24/36°. It has matte white or matte black.

narrow beam spotlights
spotlights downlights

And we have more types for the deep anti glare type adjustable or not adjustable. If you are interested in this, just let me know.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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