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Do You Know What the Day Is Tomorrow
Dec 06, 2017

It's Teacher's Day in China, a teacher's holiday. The festivals of different regions are different. The mainland of the People's Republic of China is 10th Sep. while Taiwan Province is 28th September.Do you have this day for teacher ?

The "Teacher" has two meanings, a social role and the role of a bearer. Generally, teacher refers to the person who imparts knowledge experience, and in narrow sense, it means the person who has been specially educated and trained and who is the education and teaching work in education (school). In the narrow sense, it means the special education and training in the school, teacher will pass on human science, culture,knowledge and skills to students , with the development of students' physical fitness, ideological and moral education, student will get more and more learning. And the educated people teach the needs of the community or professionals. According to the division of labor and the school education, teacher is defined as the community commissioned in the school to teach the students' physical and mental, to exert a specific impact, to develop a certain social needs, it's the main responsibility of the professional staff and very significant.

Happy Teacher's Day
Chinese Holiday

Respect teachers is a tradition of China, as early as the 11th century BC, the Western Zhou Dynasty put forward the "disciples respect as father". Confucius, the ancient educator, said "no class to teach", "review and know the new", "learning and learning" and a series of famous words. Evangelism teachers are known as the human soul of the Chinese engineers.

In fact, as early as 1932, the Republic of China had stipulated the 6th June as Teacher's Day. But after the liberation of 6th June abolition, the Teacher 's Day was changed to "International Labor Day" ,and the teacher section set on 10th September to take into account in the national, medium and primary school. Freshmen will be able to create a good atmosphere for teachers to teach and learn. China restored the festival to celebrate the Teacher's Day and Thanksgiving teachers on 10th September 1985.

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