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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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MR16 Trimless

GU10 MR16 Trimless Frame Housing Fixture Square Round Double Heads

MR16 trimless after installed looks very nice and very popular in hotel projects. We have many different types.

  • Item NO.:

    MR16 Frame Trimless
  • Lead Time:

    1-3 Days
  • Product Orgin:

    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand:

  • Payment:

    T/T , PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Wechat
  • MOQ:

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MR16 GU10 fitting is one of our key part in 2020, we are doing our best to update the products and discount the price to get more orders. This one is trimless with different colours and shapes and housing heads. If you are doing this side business, we can be your best choice.

The features of the GU10 MR16 trimless frame housing fixture square round double heads:

1. Trimless no trim;

2. Shape: round, square, double or triple heads;

3. Colours: black, white, black chrome, satin silver, gold;

4. Recessed intallation;

5. MR16 GU10 cover;

6. LED module 50mm cover;

7. Cutout: 75mm for round type;

8. This skd part can be sold only;

There is some more pictures of the trimless MR16 frame:

trimless square
square trimless mr16
trimless mr16 downlight fixture
osram mr16 trimless square

Some other options of the trimless MR16 spotlight fittings:

recessed adjustable trimless light supply
fixed trimless
trimless led downlight housing
1*5w square recessed trimless downlight suppliers

And we have some trimless led grille lights or spotlights:

25w single trimless downlights retrofit suppliers
2*15w two heads rectangular recessed down light ce
cheap 6inch 20w smd trimless led down light kits
25w single trimless downlights retrofit factory

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    Want to know the latest promotion price and lead time ? Get answer in 30 minutes ^_^ ^_^