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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
hot products
Hot Selling Downlights in November
Nov 07, 2018

Good Wednesday everyone. Here's the news from WeiYe. And we are professional in ceiling recessed downlight. At the same time, we have some surface mounted downlights hot selling. Here are some pictures below.

It's 15w square surface mounted downlight deep antiglare with UGR lower than 19. It has full white or full black finish. The lamp material is aluminum alloy and clear PC cover, we use CREE CXA1512 CRI90 for 15w and ZY led driver with TUV approval, which we warranty 3 years for customer. Besides, this type has the power from 10w to 30w, it will be very nice.

ledeon surface downlight
surface downlight

Well, there is another type square surface mounted downlight, which one customer prefer the surface black color, but the lamp body white color,the picture shows more clearly. It's made as 15w and 25w, and the customer require to use IP65 waterproof driver,so if you need to be made like this, we can do too. And inside the lamp we use CREE CXA1512 CRI90 too.

square down light surface type
surface mounted led downlight

And another hot selling product is the cob downlight for 20w with cutout 195mm and diameter 230mm, height 63mm. It can be made as 30w, and we use CREE CXA1816 CRI90 inside and Philips driver Xitanium Model No. 929014102 which can warranty 5 years. This lamp we also call it flat downlight, as the outer trim is almost flat onto the heat sink, and the height is only 63mm. What's more this lamp material is very well and good heat dissipation.

led downlight price
recessed downlight

Besides, we are selling the led lighting accessories, such as the heat sink, LED module, led cable, led chip, MR16 GU10 fixture frame and so on. There is two heat sink below, their diameter is same, just height different, height 80mm and height 60mm, one for 40w and the other for 30w. If you need more information, just send us mail. Please note we are professional in the led downlight and its empty housing.

lampu led downlight
downlight casing led

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