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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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LED Burning Light Flicker Flame Light Bulb
Nov 24, 2017

Hello, everyone, this is a new lamp, unique and charming, which will bring so much positive effects. We call it flicker flame light bulb. It is to replace the candle light. But it's more secure and environmental protect.

flame light bulb led
flame lighter bulb

The effects when it working in the room, you will be very relax with the light flickering, it goes up and down and will be good for sleep, very safe for children. It's pretty different and interesting, different with the light bulb but it does like candle flame.

LED Burning Light Flicker Flame Light Bulb
flame effect led lamp

What's more it's the perfect way to give your home some charming and unique street appeal as it turns your outdoor lamp post or garage lights into flickering gaslights, and you can use indoor as the Christmas decoration. Isn't it very good ?

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