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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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LED Replacement Hotel Downlight New Type
Nov 29, 2017

This Spot Ceiling Downlight for Hotel is Our New Fashion, it's adjustable, small and unique, with many different colors, such as: White, Black, Golden, Chrome, Silver Grey, Shiny Silver, Etc. The Size Diameter is 100mm or 120mm, Cutout 85mm or 100mm, 5W or 10W.

led spot downlight hotel use
deep led spot downlight

It's also called Downlight Retrofit or LED Replacement Hotel Downlight retrofit. It plays an important part in the lighting scheme.  Commonly used in hotel or home, this spot downlights can be used to highlight a feature or illuminate a whole space.  Dimmable by design, our WYLED Brand downlights are available in both renovation or new construction models.

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