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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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USB Rechargable UV Sterilazation

Portable Movable USB Rechargeable UV Sterilization Lamps UVC 20000hrs

Keep 5cm and 10s to kill over 99.9% bacterias, bring you a cleaner, safer, healthier and more comfortable life and fight against the coronavirus.

  • Item NO.:

    UV Sterilization Lam
  • Lead Time:

    7-15 days
  • Product Orgin:

    Shenzhen, China
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    T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Cash
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This new design UV sterilization lamp is used at home or hotel, in the car or travels outside, easy and convenient to take. Size just 180*38*20mm. You can irradiate your phone, face mask, bedclothes, teeth brush, feeding bottles, keyboard, etc. Here is more details.

The UVC sterilization lamp features:

1. White finish;

2. Kill 99.9% bacteria, germs, mites and virus;

3. Portable;

4. Movable;

5. Recharging;

6. USB Connector;

7. UVC 275nm LED;

8. Imported LED chip SMD3535;

9. Materials: ABS+PC White;

The advantage of this UVC disinfection light:

01. 10 seconds to up to 99.9% sterilization rate;

02. Can kill mites, mildew, parasite, bacteria, etc.;

03. Keep distance 5cm from lamp to the article;

04. Imported led chip SMD3535;

05. Can be used as a flashlight;

06. Large capacity battery working 10hrs;

07. Eye protection design;

08. High-tech UV LED;

09. Deep Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology;

10. 0 Ozone;

11. Radiation free;

Deep UVC Sterilization Lights

The parameters of the UV sterilizer:

1. Power: 1.5W;

2. UVC LED chip SMD3535;

3. LED Quantity: 3+1pcs;

4. Wavelength: 270-285nm;

5. Day light 0.5W as flashlight;

6. Lithium Battery: 3.7V 1500mA;

7. Working time: 8-10hrs;

8. Charging time: 3hrs;

9. Size: L180*W38*20mm;

The package for the Portable UV Lights:

1. Inner box size: L210*W78*H25mm

2. Net weight: 0.15kgs/pcs;

3. Quantity: 80pcs/ctn;

4. Carton size: 52*43*17cm;

5. Gross weight: 13kgs

6. Package contain: UV Lamp, USB Connector, User Manuel;

Deep UVC Sterilization Lights Suppliers

User Manuel:

1. The switch is turned to the lighting logo, then the light is turned on;

2. The switch is turned to the sterilization indicator, then the germicidal lamp is turned on.

3. The germicidal lamp will not turn on, and it can be turned on after it is turned down;

4. Turn the switch to the middle to turn off all outputs;

5. Charging: Use the charging cable supplied with the machine to plug in

the charging interface and connect DC5V / 1A charger;

6. The red light is on when charging, and the red light is off when fully charged

Deep UVC Sterilization Lights Factory


1. Do not look into the germicidal lamp directly, so as not to burn your eyes;

2. Do not irradiate the skin for a long time at a short distance to avoid burns;

3. When sterilizing, please sweep it back and forth at 5CM for 10 seconds;

4. Do not use for children, please keep out of reach of children when not in use;

Deep UVC Sterilization Lights Manufacturers

UV Lamp to Eliminate Bacteria

UVC Lamp Applications

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