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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Promotions LED Downlight MR16 Module Fittings
Dec 17, 2019

Dear led lighting buyers, this latest news is about our 5% discount promotional product in sale.  It is led spotlight 12w and MR16 module 10w.

The led spotlight is adjustable and flat trim, the white cover looks very uniform. And the beam angle helps the light lighting bright. If you like very warm in the room, we can offer the 2700K, if you like the room very bright daylight, we can use the 6500K. So the lighting CCT scope is very big. And this type has more wattage from 7w to 60w. Welcome to know more.

4 inch led spotlights
recessed led spotlights

The MR16 module 10w is popular type, it can be replaced te MR16/GU10 globe, and its cover can be many different types, square, round, surface mounted, track mounted, trimless, adjustable, fixed. The colours can be customized and 1000pcs in stock usually.

This two types of led lamps are our hot selling in promoting. The promotions started already until our holiday finished on 3rd February 2020.

mr16 led 10w
mr16 led downlights
mr16 led downlight
led downlight mr16

Welcome to know more details.

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