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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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China SKD Downlight Housing

Recessed COB LED Fixed Downlight 30W Housing SKD

LED COB Downlight Housing SKD contains Heat Sink, Face Cover Aluminum, LED Holder, Aluminum Reflector, Spring Clips, Screws, Cable Holder, Inner Box, or BIS Driver if required. Contact us for led down light housing and other led products.

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    Shenzhen, China
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This COB LED downlight housing skd round is fit to the COB Size: 43mm, 11.5mm 14.5mm, 17.5mm, 20.5mm, the LED Can be Luminus, Citizen, CREE or SanAn or Epistar etc. This size is made as 30W. We use high quality materials and modern techniques and gives utmost satisfaction to clients. We are developing these Products Housing with compliance to the set industry standards.

The Features of the Recessed COB LED Fixed Downlight 30W Housing SKD:

1. Aluminum Color Or White Color Face Cover are available;

2. Unique design for good heat elimination performance;

3. Energy saving:saving 80% than the traditional lights at the same brightness;

4. SKD or CKD or Assemble Housing Optional;

5. BIS Driver Available;

COB Downlight Housing Silver Color

Factory Whole Sale COB Downlight 

Housing 30W Specification:

1. Model No. TD056A-8F;

2. Product Item: COB Downlight Housing SKD;

3. Size: D230*H63mm;

4. Cutout: D195mm;

5. COB Reflector Size: 43mm, 11.5mm, 14.5mm, 17.5mm, 20.5mm;

6. Power: 30W;

7. COB Type: CREE/Citizen/Normal COB;

8. Clear Glass Cover and all other materials will be supplied;

COB Down Light Housing Model No. TD056A Parameters

Model  TD056A-4F TD056A-6F1
Power 12W 20W 20W 30W 30W
Size D148*H63mm   D195*H63mm   D205*H63mm D230*H63mm   D280*H88mm
Cut Hole D125mm D168mm D168mm D195mm D195mm
Material Dia-cast Aluminum
Beam Angle 60°
LED chip Citizen/CREE/Luminus COB

COB Downlight Housing Heat Sink
COB Downlight Housing Face Cover

Lamp Housing Heat Sink is Die-cast Aluminum

Down Light Housing Face Cover is Thick Aluminum

Downlight Housing Heat Sink Front
Back Side of the Face Cover Aluminum

More Details of the Lamp Aluminum Heat Sink

Back Side of the Face Cover Aluminum

8inch LED COB Downlight 30W Applications

Home and Office Lighting

Shopping Mall Lighting

Display Case Lighting

Hotel and Hall Lighting

Showroom Lighting

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  • Philips Driver
  • MeanWell Driver
  • Sharp LED
  • Samsung SMD
  • Osram LED
  • Luminus LED
  • Epistar LED
  • Citizen LED
  • BridgeLux COB

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