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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Portable UV Sterlization Lamp

Portable USB Charging LED UV Sterlization Lamp 99.99% Batericidal Rate

Choose this UV sterilization lamp will be safer and healthier at this coronavirus seriously time.

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    UV Sterlization Ligh
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    1-3 days
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    Shenzhen, China
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UltraViolet Sterilization Lamp is so simple and helpful for killing bacterias over 99.99%. Here's how it works. UV damages the DNA and RNA of microorganism, which makes it lose the ability of reproduction, so as to achieve its death, this is the effection of the disinfection and sterilization.

The features of the UV disinfection lamp:

UV Light Sterilizer

1. Portable;

2. Removable;

3. USB Charging;

4. Weight light easy to be stored;

5. LED chip energy saving;

6. Kill up to 99.99% germs and bacterias;

7. Application: car, home, elevator, toothbrush, towel, mask, glovers, watches, etc.

Ozone Sterilization Lamp

The parameter of the remote control UV ozone disinfection light:

1.  Power: 5W;

2. Net Weight: 60g;

3. Size: Diameter 18mm;

4. Height: 255mm;

5. Material: metal+PC, good quality ABS;

6. High UV light transmission rate;

7. LED quantity: 9pcs;

8. Parts: USB, Power Bank, Adapter;

9. Warranty 1 year;

The datasheet of the portable USB charging disinfection germicidal led light:

Product Name USB Charger UV Disinfection Light
Model No WY-SJD-001
Connector Lamp Base USB
Product Power 3W
AC Input Voltage(V) 5Vdc
Power Type DC-DC
Unit Power(W) 2W
LED Chip Model SMD3535 UVA+UVC 270-275nm+ SMD2835 395nm
LED Chips(W) San'an
LED Power(W) 0.3W
LED qty 3+6
Intensity of light(mw) 5mw
Light Distribution(uW*S/cm2) 120
Beam Angle 120°
Lense Type Clear PC Cover
Materials Type AL+PC
Environment Temp.()  -20℃~+45
Operating Humidity 10%-90%
IP Class IP20
NET Weight(g) 60g
Dimension(mm) Ø18*L255mm
Packaging Quantity 100pcs/ctn
N.W. 6.0kgs
G.W. 10.0kgs
Packaging Dimensions L41*W36*H31cm
Certificates Germicidal LightTest Report
Product Life Time 20 000hrs

UV Sterilization/Germicidal Lamp Applications:

Portable Disinfection UV Lamp

Warm tips:

1. Wear sun glasses or other protective glasses when using it to protect your eyes;

2. Do not use it to human body or animals as it will hurt;

3. Pregnant women and children should use it with caution;

4. Long time use it will cause skin injury;

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