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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Attractive and Functional New Version Modular Downlight
13 Dec 2017

The LED Recessed Downlight Module gives you optimized value and performance you can trust. Available in 10W 15W, different shape of the cover. This modular downlight series combines dependable performance and low cost with the virtually maintenance-free, energy-saving benefits of 50,000 hour-life LED. Ideal for both retrofitting and new construction in a variety of residential and light commercial settings such as multifamily residences, retail shops and offices.

The 3" Series fits 3 inch recessed can style housings using friction clips and can replace a 30W incandescent lamp.

The “downlight module” for this discussion, is the small circular fixture recessed into ceilings. These are cans installed between the ceiling and the floor above, with openings of 2 to 8 inches in diameter, designed to house directional and omnidirectional lighting. The aperture then may or may not be lensed.

The integrated version simply involves mounting a single product into the hole in the ceiling and connecting it with main line electricity. LED downlight on the left, traditional recessed can housing on the right. Our this modular downlight version is with aluminum extruded heat sink, which is designed to facilitate heat dissipation to ensure consistent quality output, color and life of solid state components. Driver mounts externally to the trim module for easy access and employs integral thermal protection. Optical acrylic diffusion lens produces high lumen transmission and even illumination.

Intended Use

It can be widely used in General lighting for retrofit into existing downlight cans or new construction and remodel applications.

trimless recessed down light plaster
led downlight modular light

led downlight module parts

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