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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Latest Adjustable LED Track Downlight 30W
22 Jun 2018

Hi, everyone. This is our new downlights led, which is to replace to led track light. This will be a big change in the market.

As we can see in the clothes store or super market, the led track light is installed onto the 2.0m track rails, and then change the lamp angle according to the commodity location. But our new generation is recessed type. No need the track rails. And it's very easy to install. Besides, the center lamp body is adjustable. It can be adjusted 0-90 degree. Isn't very good ?

recessed downlight led
beam angle led downlight

And it's material for the lamp body is die cast aluminum, the bottom holder material is strong aluminum. We use CREE led CXA2520 and Philips driver to keep warranty 3 years. The most welcome type is 30W with cutout 145mm, bottom holder diameter is 160mm, and the total height is 135mm. This is lens and reflector over the led chip. We can give 5 years guarantee too. Because we will use 5 years warranty Philips driver.

recessed adjustable downlight
recessed commercial lighting

This latest track downlight works at 85lm/w,cooperating with a high quality aluminum heatsink which provides exceptional heat dissipation to prolong the life span of the lamp. This recessed light generate a natural distribution of illumination with high uniformity and a comfortable UGR<19. Cost-effective and versatile lighting, this lamp is available ins 15w and 20w and 30w. Triac dimmable as standard with optional DALI or 0-10V dimming, it is easy to integrate the lamp into existing installation. This lamp are most welcome at clothes store, supermarket and cinema.

architectural led recessed lighting
6 inch led recessed lighting kit

So do you like this lamp ? And any comments are welcome to send us mail.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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