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Do You Know this New Type LED Spot Downlight is Used Widely
30 Sep 2017

With the LED technology developing fast, the light efficiency is improving too. Almost all led spot light is to replace the traditional halogen lights now, the led cob spot light has the strong advantages in energy saving and long lifespan. With the updates in the led lightings, the led spot light is coming many types.And here we are going to introduce 2 types. One is fixed led spot downlight, the other is the adjustable led spot downlight.

downlight led spot lights
led spot downlight fitting

Firstly for the fixed led spot light downlight, it's recessed and embeded in the ceiling, not base for GU10, MR16 nor E27, etc. It's belong to the led downlights. Fixed means the head steady, and the beam angle is 15 degrre or 24 degree. Besides,the power can be 8w to 20w, the frame is white finish, the heat sink is a new design with good heat dissipation. And led chip can be CREE or Citizen or Luminus. We use good aluminum alloy material for heat sink and face cover to keep long lifespan. And it's easy to install, simple and graceful appearance.

adjustable led spot downlight 20w
adjustable recessed spot light beam narrow

And secondly for the adjustable led spot recessed downlight, the angle can be adjustable, you can use it for some corner when needed.This type a multitude of power can be 10w to 30w, and we have several types showed at our website.They are more powerful and efficient. High quality transparent glass bring high light transmission. CREE led chip is 120-130lm/w, cri> 80 / 90 optional, the cob ceiling spot lights head is adjustable from 0 degree to 40 degree, satisfied different illumination position, working temperature is from -20 to 50 degree. Besides we will use high quality package, white box and thick neutral carton.

Finally, for the led spot downlight has many kinds, but we are focus on the recessed narrow beam type, you can check more details from our website. And we are updating the led lighting products everyday.

  • Tridonic Driver
  • Philips Driver
  • MeanWell Driver
  • Sharp LED
  • Samsung SMD
  • Osram LED
  • Luminus LED
  • Epistar LED
  • Citizen LED
  • BridgeLux COB

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