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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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How To Make A LED COB Downlight
17 Nov 2017

As a factory, we know very well to make a completed lampCOB LED Downlight is the most easy one. We will tell you exactly how to make it.

Firstly, you need to know the lamp size to cut the wires(red and black) acordingly. If you got the COB LED at the first, test them lighting or not, then you can do soldering onto the COB at the "+" and "-", then solder the wires on the COB, red is to "+", black to "-".

led downlight cob chip
led cob downlight material

Secondly, in order to get good heat dissipation and keep long working, we need to stick some Heat-Conducting Silicone Grease onto the PCB board,the back size of the COB.

Thirdly, stick the COB onto the lamp heat sink properly, then put the LED Holder onto the COB rightly and the holder hole well to the screw hole, then fix the led holder to the COB,besides, the red and black wire put together to connect to the male side of the led connector after it was through the hole, then use led driver to test the lamp lighting or not.

LED COB Downlight Reflector
LED COB Downlight Driver

Fourthly, put the aluminum reflector to the led holder, and opal diffuser cover to the reflector, then the outer trim to the cover, turn over the lamp, use screw to fix the heat sink onto the outer time.

Fifthly, use the cable holder to press the male side onto the lamp tightly with 2 screws, then you can use the led driver female side to connect male side,then test the whole lamp.

LED COB Downlight 15W
15W LED COB Downlight

So above all, there are 3 times to test the light lighting or not. And it's so easy right ? So if you want high quality then depends on the below factors: COB chip, heat-conducting silicone grease, wires, heat sink thickness, spring clips,screws and led driver. The most important to decide the lifespan is the COB and led driver. If you have any questions in assembling a product, just send us mail. We have another type LED COB downlight IP54.

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