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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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New Rotatable Adjustable COB LED Ceiling Downlight
25 Jan 2018
Hi dear friends,do you know Chinese New Year ? It's not 1st day of 2018. It's 16th February. And 15th is the "New Year's Eve", like this Christmas Eve. We will celebrate this as long as 15 days. It has another name "Spring Festival". It's our very traditional culture, very meaningful. So we will be closed on 10th to 25th February. But we would like to introduce the new led ceiling downlight to you.

This adjustable downlight is new for its function, which can be adjustable and rotatable.The power can be 10W to 3*30W, which means it can be made as 3 heads, each head lamp power max is 30W. Let's talk about the 10W 20W 30W firstly.

The one head adjustable square led downlight is normal and common.Besides it's the most popular one. Its cutout for 10W, 20W, 30W are 90mm, 120mm and 155mm. Most popular for home decoration or store application.Its picture showed below.

square adjustable led downlight 30w
square rotatable led downlight 30w

And for the two heads adjustable downlight, its shell finish color can be full white or full black or middle ring black others white. But full black color is very welcome in the market. Its power can be 2*10W, 2*20W and 2*30W.You could check the pictures below.

black double heads adjustable downlight
dual adjustable led downlight

As for the 3 heads ceiling downlight, some big and high hall is most popular. It can be 3*30W, which lumen will be 7200lm. That's very bright. And in the theater or cinema, you can see them a lot. While,their cut hole size for the 3*10W, 3*20W and 3*30W are L260*W90mm, L345*W120mm, L450*W155mm. 3 heads lamp lighting area is very wide too, about 16-25 square meters. You can choose different size to light different area. As it has the rotatable function, the lighting area can be added too. That's very useful and high efficiency. See picture below.

triple adjustable ceiling downlight
3 heads adjustable led downlights 30w

So do you want to know more about the lamp ? Then call us or send us mail. You will love it.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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