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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Solar Sensor Smart LED Wall Light For Outdoor
22 Dec 2017

As led lighting developing faster and faster. Here comes a new creative product for outdoor wall or under the roof. We call it Solar Sensor LED Wall Light. You don't hear wrongly, it's with solar panel and photoinduction and IR sensor. Very smart and functional light.

1W Sensor Solar LED Wall Light
Solar Panel Polycrystalline Silicon

Its power just 1w with output lumen 160-180lm, there's smd2835 led inside. We will use imported Solar panel multi-chip, day time off and night on. It will light 30% when no people around it, but when people pass by it from 3-5m, it will light 100%, after 30 seconds it will light 30%  automatically. No wire connections, just use screws to fix. So it will not cost your electric charge. Isn't very perfect ?

For the material of the lamp, it's made up with ABS plastic and thick PCB board with SMD2835 fixed onto it. The solar panel on the top while the lithium battery at the back. The IR Sensor on the outside of the face. And there's Pinhole start on and off beside the IR Sensor. Very easy to install and use. Besides its size just L124*W96*H48mm, net weight is 170g with two colors option white and black.

1W smart led wall light application

What's more, it has some other strong advantages, low voltage will be very safe and the lamp is with long lifespan as long as 10 years, wide beam angle is 120 degrees, after full charged for 8 hrs in the day time, it will be working as long as 12hrs in the evening. Its waterproof IP65. It will be very warm welcome when you come home near the door 5m and there's a beautiful light lighting the way for you. So great !!!

Don't you like it ? It can be applied under the roof beside the door or the outside wall to light your garden or party or if you have a shop, light the door to welcome your customers. Is a warm light ?  For more information, pls send us mail directly. And we have some more creative fashional led lighting.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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