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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Summarize 2017 Whole Year About LED Commercial Lightings
16 Jan 2018

Dear everyone, as 2017 was passed by.We have to summarize it seriously.

At the beginning of 2017, we got some small orders from Mr. Dirk which company at Dubai. He owns the factory to assemble the products, which are mostly for led commercial lightings, such as adjustable led downlight, led trunk downlight, led grille lights and some track light. All the products are sold as components. And Dirk use other famous led chip and drivers. We also helped Mr. Dirk to buy led lamp accessories, like led holders, led heat sinks, led connectors and heat-conducting silicone grease, he's happy to cooperate with us and we had a great year together. Both companies are developing bigger and faster. Let's see 2018, we believe it will be a better year and double sales amount.

help customer to pay the supplier
led downlight housing package

In the April, we had another kind customer Steve, he's from U.K., and he loves in cooperating with us. If he couldn't find some products, we will help him to get it. If he has problem in paying to the supplier, we will give the support to pay. His suppliers are mostly at Shenzhen, and we pay them directly by CNY or Wechat Red Pocket or Alipay. At the same time, Steve speak highly of us. He said he trust us so much. As we always are honest and very helpful.We are the only person he trust so much to get help to him. He would rather gave us his business. So good a customer, we cooperate very smoothly and happily. We love Steve too.

UK customer reviews
UK customer reviews about us

And what's more, we had one strong customer from Netherlands, his name is Jan Bouter. His company is big, area size 3000 square meters.And he has his own brand "omega-lite", his order is over 1000pcs usually. And he's doing great in  manage. He seldom speak freely. Unless you have very important issue, otherwise don't bother him. That's why I talk to his daughter mostly who is his assistant and accountant. His daughter is very nice and freiendly, we hope we will be good friends in 2018.

led downlight components package
completed lamp package

Surely, we have many other customers from Singapore, Malaysia, India, Italy, German, Sweden and France.And we are selling the COB led downlight and downlight housing. If you want to find a honest, trusty and dependable, we are the right one. Our company corn idea is to help customers to solve their problems and bring more profit. Only if customer earn money then we can earn money.And it's a happy thing to help and support clients. Want to know more about us, pls check our website or contact us directly. We will do better in 2018 no mater in sales or profit, but also in people.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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