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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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What Is A LED Downlight Housing
22 Dec 2017

Hi there,do you buy the led downlight housing ? If so, you are lucky today. Because we are going to tell you very clearly what a led downlight housing is.

Firstly, a downlight is a round shape with two main parts: heat sink and face cover,usually interpreted as a fixed head lamp. Surely, the downlight we are talking is the led lighting,it's a green product with engery saving and high efficiency. Generally, if a customer said he needs the led downlight, then we need to ask him COB type or SMD type,this are two big classify. SMD type usually is a wide beam angle and delivery time is long. While COB type is narrow beam angle delivery time is short. For SMD, there are some most popular: SMD2835, SMD5630, SMD3030, and for COB,there are hot selling: CREE, CITIZEN, Sharp, Luminus, Philips and HongLi. If you are very clear what you want, then you need to tell the salesman the led brand you like.

led cob downlight citizen chip
led downlight empty housing

So for downlight, we have LED SMD Downlight and LED COB Downlight, and this two are our top selling one. But what is a housing ?

Secondly, a housing is different a house, a house is we call home or people who are living inside. While a housing is somethings cover or finish. But we are talking is a lamp empty housing. The empty housing or the lighting housing, it has 4 basic parts, the lamp heat sink, the aluminum face cover, the reflector and the cover. it has some other accessories, such as led holder, srping clips, screws, cable holder. All these assemble together with a led chip inside then will be a completed lamp to lighting with a driver translator. For heat sink, there will be die-cast aluminum alloy or vehicle aluminium alloy. The face cover has flat type or with steps type or two steps type. And reflector inside usually has two types, plastic or aluminum. For cover, there are several types: clear glass cover, full frosted glass cover, opal diffuser cover, clear PC cover or no cover but lens inside.

So if you want good high quality housing, then choose thick aluminum heat sink, good spray coating,aluminum face cover, aluminun reflector, And good brand led chip, strong spring clips and thick inner white box. Very good package. This will be very perfect.

led downlights only parts
led downlights accessories

Above all, you know how to choose a good led downlight housing ? Are you clear now ? Any question, pls send us mail.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Web: www.lhwyled.com

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