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How to Get More Profit from LED Ceiling Downlight Ajdustable
08 Sep 2017

As you know the led lighting products are everywhere. So here I am going to let you know how to get more profit from this ceiling downlight led. Firstly you need to know the details about it.It has another name as double heads led downlight. Its maximum power can be 2*30w usually, which is I am going to introduce.

 2 heads adjustable downlight
led adjustable downlight 2 heads

This 2 lamps led downlight adjustable is new type with 2 lamps and adjustable ,the frame is white spray while the heat sink is aluminim, the 2*30w size for length is 340mm, width is 190mm, cut hole size for lenght is 320mm, width is 170mm, with aluminum reflector and clear glass cover. The led holder middle hole diameter is 21mm usually, also we can get the other size such as 14mm, 17mm, 23mm. And the beam angle can be 24/38/60 degree. This one usually use in the hall for high place as the light lumen is very high 2*2500 lm, it's also used for restaurant, supermarket, showroom,etc.

And the core parts are led chip inside and the led driver external,but the led chip we are using the American original CREE COB with high CRI and high lumen, and the driver we are using the Philips brand, which PF>0.90, and working efficiency is over 87%. Besides the lamp warranty is 3 years.

For the installation,it is also very easy,just use the spring clips. And if there's any problem, no need to take off the lamp. firstly you need to check your control power and the wire connection and the whole circuit, if it happend on the lamp, firstly check the driver,so need to  exchange a good driver to replace the one not working, that will be easy right ? if it is the driver quality problem, then we will send you the new one with the next order. Or if you ordered quantity, we will give some spare parts usually.

So you know clearly about this ceiling downlight ? We also have 2*10W, 2*20W or 3*10w or 3*20w. So want to know more. Pls check our website www.lhwyled.com or send me mail directly sales01@aku-led.com.

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