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The Useful of the Adjustable Downlight and Gimbal Downlight
01 Sep 2017

This LED Downlight has a steel frame and acrylic lens with Cree COB LED that provides a high lumen output with a 24/60 degree beam angle. The COB LED Downlight is a 240v downlight that does not require a Transformer or LED Driver to operate.The COB LED globe has a 50,000 hours lifetime and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The Adjustable LED Downlight comes complete with Frame, Heat Sink,LED holder, PC or Glass Cover ,Spring clips and is ready to be installed by a licensed Electrician. The Adjustable Downlight has a Die Cast Aluminium Casing that is fixed with a twist lock face for easy changing.its angle can be adjustable and White or Satin Chrome.

adjustable led cob downlight
led cob gimbal downlight

Rotatable LED Downlight fills your application with 360° of directional light with a gimbal design that allows for full range of motion. Application spot lighting makes these LED downlights excellent for use in living rooms, kitchens, studios, and storefronts. These light fixtures are dimmable from 0%-100% when used alongside modern LED dimmers. Guaranteed for 3 years of use – over 20 years of run time with average use.

The universe of LED lighting products has a wide variance in quality and style, but there is nothing an integrated product can do from a light quality perspective that a lamp-only product cannot. LED downlights can product the same amount of light, both on lumen and foot candle bases as integrated products. The same is true for color rendering, color temperature, color consistency, lumens per square inch of aperture, or any other metric that we’ve been able to identify. One might argue that some fixtures are particularly pleasing aesthetically,and that may be true, but is not unique to integrated LED products.That's more and more people like led lightings.

Especially In new construction, there is an appetite for LED downlights based on height. The space between your ceiling and the floor above it (or the roof) can be precious. The whole height of a traditional downlight may run six or more inches. However, the height of an LED downlight can be as low as 3 inches. Architects are sometimes enthusiastic about the economies of space and can justify the cost and operational factor of LED downlights.

square led downlight adjustable
chrome color led downlight adjustable

  • Tridonic Driver
  • Philips Driver
  • MeanWell Driver
  • Sharp LED
  • Samsung SMD
  • Osram LED
  • Luminus LED
  • Epistar LED
  • Citizen LED
  • BridgeLux COB

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