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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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How To Make A Double Heads LED Grille Downlight
24 Nov 2017
Hi everyone, as a manufacturer, we would like to help you how to make a led grille light lamp. Here we will show some pictures of the 2*9W LED grille lights and 6 steps to finish one lamp.

Firstly, you need to prepare the black and red wires which will be used when assembling a lamp. And take a measure to cut in proper length in advance or you can buy from market directly. At the same time, you need to solder wire onto the led chip, which will be easier for you to solder the black red wire onto the led chip PCB "+" "-"; Besides, you need to make a trial for the led connector male side to connect to the red black wire to see how long the wire needed; it's better you make one sample in advance, then you will be very clear of the steps to make a completed led grille lamp;

led grille downlight heat sink
led grille downlight head

Secondly, solder the wires onto the led chip, screw the led holder onto the led chip above the heat sink, put aluminum reflector and led cover onto the led holder,then rotate the lamp cover onto the heat sink to finish a head, check the picture below;

Thirdly, after all the heads being fixed well,then install the head inside the lamp frame, the white rectangular frame, you need some skills for this step,because you are going to fix two heads in one frame. I will use screw driver to fix one inner hole first, then adjust the middle ring. Surely before doing this, you need to fix the middle ring into the frame at the first step, then put the head in the middle to fix. One by one, you will see as the below left picture showed;

led grille downlight front side
led grille downlight driver cover

Fourthly, after the 2 heads installed in the frame, you need to connect the two heads black red wires to the male connector black red wire, remmeber,two heads share one male connector, for the 2*9W, we are using 1 led driver;

Fifthly, fix the driver box to cover the driver,as the lamp back side, 4 screws, easy to finish;

Lastly, wire protector shall be working now to fix the driver wire outside in case it will become less crowded, pls check the above right picture;

See very simple, right ? Just 6 steps, 3 things you need to do preparation, then step by step. Usually 1 skilled man can make 50-60pcs one day alone for this lamp at our factory, so if you have order, don't worry the delivery, we will be very quick and best service, because we have groups of the skilled men. What you are waiting for ? Make an order. We are the best.

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