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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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What Accessories And Tools Needed When Assemble A LED Downlight
22 Dec 2017

Hello everyone, very happy to share this blog to tell you the materials you need when you assemble the COB or SMD downlight.

Firstly you need a Solder Station to control the temperature 350 degree before you weld the led chip. And you need a wire stripper to cut the wire coat of the led connector female side to connect the wires inside the lamp. And a wire cutters to cut the wire to be fit enough to connect the female wire external.

 Solder Station
Heat-Conducting Silicone Grease

Next, you need the Heat-Conducting Silicone Grease to be smeared onto the led PCB board, usually we use the grey color, which can keep the led working very long time. Surely you need the electric screwdriver to let the screws fix onto the lamp part. And you need the ribbon to bind the black and red together at bottom. And we use the closed-end wire connectors for the short wire to the led connector.

closed-end wire connectors
LED Lamp Connectors

Besides you will need the cable holders too, because the supplier will not supply this sometimes. And you need the ageing rack to test the lamps. And as we are doing this field as long as 7 years, we can help you in all these tools and accessories. If you need any parts, we will find for you.

led lamp cable holders
led downlight wire bind

So above all, you need the solder station, wire stripper, wire cutter, heat conducting silicone grease, electric screwdriver,ribbon, wire connector, cable holder and some others. Do you know all these ? Do you assemble the lamp yourself ? And any question about the led downlights housing, just send us mail freely. 

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