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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Waterproof IP65 LED COB Recessed Downlight Lighting Retrofit
23 May 2018

Hi there. How are you ? This is a new waterproof IP65 LED cob downlight.  And we are going to express the details here.

Firstly, it's a led recessed lighting retrofit. It has 2 spring clips. And there's COB in it. We use CREE CXA1816 with CRI over 80. The ceiling mounted downlights has a very good heat sink. You can see from the below pictures. The installation way is very easy, cut a hole and put the lamp into it.

8 inch cob led downlights suppliers
8 inch led downlights factory

Secondly, it is waterproof IP65 cob led downlight. There's waterproof cycle around the frosted glass cover, and there's waterproof end cap at the hole which the wire will get through. Besides, the male female connector is waterproof too. So if you connect to a waterproof driver, then it will be perfect to a IP65 LED downlight.

led down light frame factory
round led down lights factory

Thirdly, this lamp power will be 20w with cutout 168mm, diameter 195mm, height 63mm, which we call it led flat downlight. And there's 10 inch one, with diameter 280mm, but the cut hole size can be 195 to 260mm. That's very convenient for you when you want big size but small cutout. Besides this lamp height is just 88mm . But it can be made as 30w or 40w. And this lamp can be made as SMD or COB. The led cover can be milky PC cover or Frosted glass cover or clear glass cover.

round led downlights factory
china full aluminum cob led downlight suppliers

Finally, the led downlight with 3 year warranty or 5 year warranty. We can also just sell the led lamp empty housing for you, which will contain the lamp heat sink, alumunim reflector, led holder, outer ring, glass cover, spring clips, screws to fix the led, and fix the wire and fix the spring clips. And if you want, we can supply the inner white box or inner bag or male female connector.

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8inch cob led downlight

So if you are looking for the waterproof led downlights, we can help you. Thanks.

WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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