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WeiYe Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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Professional Introduction For LED Flat Downlight
21 Dec 2017

Have you bought this led flat downlight ? It's our new product led indoor downlight. It's top selling now in the market. It has super slim aluminum body for height only 63mm. And the roof is flat uniform with polishing. Glass cover can be clear or frosted or with middle dot. You can also use milky pc cover for smd type. And the led holder middle diameter 43mm,11mm, 14mm, 17mm, 21mm, which is fit to the normal COB, or CREE LED or Citizen LED or Philips LED, you can find the one fit to you.

Flat LED Downlight 30w
SMD LED Flat Downlight

Here we have a special size with diameter 280mm,10 inch architectual downlight,which power is made as 40w, cutout is 195mm. Surely it has other cutout size for 168mm and 125mm, made as 12w and 20w. The lighting source is SMD or COB. Its strong points are the flat face cover and new type heat sink, it's beautiful and nice when you assemble it. You can buy from us only the lamp parts or the completed lamp. If you are buying the lamp housing, we will offer everything such as the lamp heat sink, aluminum face cover, aluminum reflector,standard led holder, spring clips, screws and cable holder.If you like other color of the face cover, we can offer the material no painted,you can paint at your local. And we have another popular chrome color for the outer roof.

Flat LED Downlight Retrofit
Flat LED Downlight Heat Sink

Compared with the led panel light, this one is much better in quality and appearance and longer life span. Because the downlight heat sink is thick enough and good heat dissipation, and the face cover is thick alumunim too. Besides, the led can be used high quality CREE led or SMD5630 fixed onto the round PCB 2.0mm thickness. While the led round panel light can just used with the smd led,the pcb is soft to be put at the side of the round ciycle. It's cabined and thin. That's why this round slim panel light can't be made high power maxime 24w usually. But our flat roof downlight can be made upto 40w and warranty 3 years.And our price is low.

Our price is flexible. Different quantity different price. Different quality different price. We have price for housing, and we have price for completed lamp.If you want to buy led, we can also help you. We have several long term cooperators and good cooperation with us. For the led downlight flat roof, we have one cutout 195mm for two types diameter one is 280mm, the other is 230mm, height is same 63mm. One for 30w and one for 40w. You like this lamp ? If you want more information, just send us mail !

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